How We Work

We are a home buying company. We simply buy your house at a price that is fair to both you and us. We then invest additional money into your house to improve it before we put it back out on the market for resale.

What you need to know.

Every house has 2 prices that it can sell at. Market Price and Cash Price.

Market Price: This is the price you will get for your home if you sell it with a realtor. This is probably the price you have in your mind if asked what your home is worth today. What you need to keep in mind is that it cost money to sell you house and get Market Price. For example: realtor commissions and closing fees.

Cash Price: This is the price an investor is willing to pay for your property in "as is" condition. Cash Price is far less than the Market Price. Why is this? It is simple, investors are taking on all the risks and work associated with rehabbing and selling your home.  There has to be enough room in price for the investor to make money.

Lets get started...

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